Young Producer's Dinner 16

Together with Biscuit Filmworks we held our 4th Annual Young Producers Dinner celebrating the young agency producers nominated by their heads of department for all their hard work over the last year.

What good fun and what a fantastic turn out. But what else would we expect from a determined young crowd on the roof of Shoreditch House after a long week. As Orlando Wood (managing director of Biscuit) says, 'There aren’t many opportunities for young producers to be rewarded and recognised for their talent and contributions to the industry. Young creatives, for instance, have many opportunities for adulation and commendation, [and] the Young Producers Dinner [recognises] the best up-and-coming talent in production. "'

We raise a glass to you all and hope you never loose your flare. Well done guys.

Lee says, 'The night is about rewarding young talent producing content," adds Pavey [right]. "It does not matter if it’s a TV commercial, an online film or a piece of interactive content. I’m sure with time we will see more people there who are creating experiences through VR, content sponsorship or online channels. '

Thanks also to Danny and Olivia at Shots for joining. You can read interviews with the young producers here.

photo by Simon Tang