The Making Of Thomson

In Scott Lyon’s latest commercial for Thomson, the viewer is immersed inside the memory of an 8-year-old girl as she walks through selected frozen moments during a holiday in Crete. 

To create this effect, we combined CGI fluids and particles with multiple shooting formats, including a Vistavision Time Slice rig to help convey the idea that we are seeing everything from the little girl's point of view.

With an array of tiny lenses exposing simultaneously onto a 4-meter strip of film, the rig acted like a giant stills camera. Once the film frames had processed, the close proximity of the lenses allowed us to move through scenes at the most suitable pace for the tone of the spot. The sequences then required re-timing to fit the desired dreamy nature and aesthetic. In some instances, our artists had to generate 80% of the frames in one shot. 

The final piece was finished at 4K, requiring high-resolution digital imaging, and was film scanned at 6K. We graded all the footage here at Electric Theatre to embrace the look and feel of the high-quality film scans.