The Making Of Jose Cuervo

From fiery asteroids crashing from the blackest of clouds to immeasurable hurricane strength winds, we pulled out every trick in the book to bring the apocalypse to an unassuming ghost town.

The most crucial part of the process was to take footage shot on a sunny day and transform it into a super natural episode. Working closely with director Ringan Ledwidge, we concepted the look, tone, and feel of the environment before bringing them to life through a combination of tireless FX work, matte paintings, and lighting. We changed the exposure and colour to really highlight elements of the surrounding apocalypse. Our 2D team layered in flares, shakes, shatters, sparks, and shock waves to bring it all together. 

The apocalyptic storm required layers of atmospherics to make the expansive desert feel enveloped in destruction and chaos.  Multiple simulations of sand, dust, and debris, combined with hand animated elements were layered to enhance the dramatic matte paintings.  Similar methods were used when adding meteors.

A perfect storm of a strong creative team with a clear vision and some long hours on the machines, combined to successfully transform sunny LA to a terrifying (but fun) vision of our Last Days.