Homespun Yarns

Huge congratulations to Ben Fallows and and Felix Brady who fought off stiff competition at this year's Homespun Yarns contest and were crowned winners with their short film 'Winston and Daisy'. Ben and Felix worked with Benjamin Dawson at Blonde films to get the film made and the duo turned to us to polish it off.

Our talented team of artist who helped bring the film to life were:

Producer: Arianna Maniscalco

Lead Flame: Andrew Stewart, James Belch

2D Artists: Sarah Crux, Ryan Knowles, Tom Humphrey, Billy Stockwell, Tane Welham

The brief was set by Homespun to the theme of 'fragments', Homespun provided entrants with eight carefully selected film clips of which they had to incorporate one into a fully-formed narrative, whilst keeping to the strict £1,500 budget.

The unusual yet entertaining narrative follows two unlikely protagonists Winston and Daisy immortalised through the use of puppets, hold up a petrol station, take hostages and speed off into the night! Intrigued? Watch the full film below.