ETCVFXmas Party

What happened was this.

Fifty Four members of Electric Theatre trek down to Tonbridge on Saturday morning though some people miss the train because they have been working flat out all week and fancy a lie in and some are just Friday night caners so a few of us make it for the buffet at the beautiful Oxon Hoath and sit around the fire drinking the first drinks and then like a proper bunch of media twerps from the city we walk to the pub in our best brogues and New Balance trainers to overwhelm the staff at The Swan

before squelching back to the house to play Giant Jenga and pick at the left overs though no one touches the clotted humous which turns out to be brandy butter and then we all go upstairs to change and when we congregate for dinner everyone looks very pretty and very dapper in the candle light and the food is great and Lee, Giles and James make a speech and hand out special in-house awards and then we all get up and to dance because Dave is playing some reggae and then our DJ rocks up and we all go a bit mad but there's a lot of love and non stop dancing and this goes on until 7am when the caterers return for breakfast and find two french CG artists running around the grounds pretending to be action hero's.

Thank you everyone at Electric Theatre for setting the Work Hard Play Hard ethos in stone. 2015 has been incredible. You should all be proud of yourselves.

Click reindeers for video.