ETC | Bristol

Electric Theatre Collective are thrilled to announce the expansion of their UK footprint to include an office in Bristol.

Seven years ago we opened our doors in London. Three years ago they opened their doors in LA. Today they are proud to announce they are opening another door in Bristol.

Our London office has expanded in all directions over the years as the demand for our award-winning visual effects has grown. As a company that has remained on the edge since its humble beginnings, Electric is empowered by the freshest talent. All this momentum has led to the decision to open a remote base in Bristol, where there is a thriving hub of young, local VFX talent. We will be investing in and nurturing these rising stars by working closely with the universities and colleges in the surrounding area.

The office will be creatively driven by our CG supervisor Dean Robinson, who says, “I’m excited to be setting up our hub in Bristol to support the London and LA offices as we continue to get busier and busier. It also provides a great opportunity to bring the top level of work to the Southwest as we look to lead our own jobs from the office. Setting up outside of London is something we’ve talked about for a long time. Bristol felt like the perfect location, with a wealth of talent already located there and a thriving advertising and TV market that continues to grow with the flow out of London. As with all Electric offices, we will continue to make our mark by pushing the levels of creativity and quality as we have always done.”

If you are interested in working at ETC Bristol please visit the careers for more information and to apply.