Electric Theatre LA!

In 1892 Auguste and Louis Lumière invent the first motion picture

1960's: Ray Harryhousen bosses dimensional stop motion animation.

1976: First 3D computer graphics in Futureworld using 2D digital compositing to build characters over a background.

1980s: The Dire Straits make the first computer animated music video; Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is the first all digital composite.

1990s: the birth of Jurassic Park, Jumanji, The Crow, Titanic, Toy Story, The Matrix.

2000s: The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Beowolf, Avitar, Up, Tangled, The Hobbit, Electric Theatre opens in London, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Gravity, Interstellar-

September 2015 Electric Theatre opens in LA.

We are thrilled to present you Electric Theatre Collective Los Angeles. This is a very exciting moment for us. Four years ago there were four team members, fast forward four years and there are almost eighty of us and we have a second base - a great brick warehouse-style studio just up the road from the beach in Santa Monica.

While some of our London team have flown over to set up and pave the Electric Theatre ethos in cockney, our colour king Aubrey and wiz kid Dan are settling down for good.

Kate Hitchings joined us from Rogue to stand as our MD/EP Wonder Woman. Kate Hitchings not Kate, the same way James Bond is not just James. Kate Hitchings is our James Bond.

And our REAL American girls: producer Therese, who brought the LA vibe to the London studio for a few weeks; and Kaitlyn, our front of house and LA version of Gabi.

Doors opened on Monday. We already have our first big project in the building and a super bowl commercial lined up.

We cannot wait to bring our visual effects and sick skills to the US market. If we do what we've done in London, it's going to be brilliant.

Fortunately, it's a sunny Friday here in London so we don't feel too bitter about our LA family sitting in 72 degree sunshine.