Badlands 777

Jade Lamb is the kick-ass front of house at the Electric Theatre Collective studio London and one of the founders of magazine Badlands 777. With the new next issue out early 2017, we wanted to take the opportunity to affiliate our name with them. This magazine is pure sass. 

What is Badlands 777? Who’s involved? 

Badlands 777 is an annual print magazine born in Essex but based in London. Founded by my sister Chloe, Lilli and myself. It's the three of us against the world.

We actually never started Badlands with the sole intention of it being a magazine let alone a business. It started as a blog and with us selling vintage clothing. But really was just an excuse for the three of us to hang out constantly, be creative and share ourselves with whoever was interested.

Photographer: Richard Kern, Stylist: Badlands 777 'Where To Next'

What got you excited about creating the magazine? 

The process as a whole is very exciting to us; from creating a concept, producing and building a team of creatives, styling shoots, selecting edits etc. Being able to physically hold something you have put your blood, sweat and tears is very special to us. Being able to give a platform to creatives around us, people we champion and believe in is a core reason why we started Badlands 777. 

What has been the response to Badlands 777? 

Really good. We have distribution in the UK via Antenne books, North America via New Distribution house and Japan via Marginal Press.

Photographer: Oscar Foster Kane / Stylist: Badlands 777  'Where To Next'

What’s coming up next for Badlands 777? 

Issue 3 which is titled 'Wake up, We've Arrived, We're changing the world.' We started working on this about 8 months ago and it actually couldn't be more perfect or fitting considering recent world events. That's coming early 2017 and we are very excited about this one. 

Photographer: Valerie Phillips / Stylist: Badlands 777  'The Sisterhood Issue'

Jade, Lilli and Chloe, founders of Badlands 777

Kate Moss, perusing