2D Charity Lunch

We'll show them, 2D must have said when gathered in Giles and Natashka's Clapham kitchen after 9 hours of Flame and Nuke - because they did. They showed us. This is how you cook for a whole company on a budget and get us to fill a giant teapot with money for charity.

In February we hiked the Yorkshire 3 Peaks. On Thursday 24th November, Nanou and Cianán are spending the night on Tunnel Avenue, Greenwich Peninsula, to raise funds and awareness for the young homeless people at Centrepoint. The 2D artists raised over £200 with their lunch, supporting Nanou and Cianán, supporting the young homeless people who have no choice on this miserable matter. 

Hats off to 2D. Should they decide to pack VFX in to open a catering company, it would be a loss to the industry but not the end of the world.

You can support Nanou and Cianán ☛ here.